Natalie Jessip, RA

Senior Associate, Studio Director

What’s the biggest highlight of your career?

Probably when I was able to see to completion the first building that I designed myself. Early in my career, I worked on a lot of projects in Mexico, so I couldn’t see the finished projects in person. However, this was a commercial office building in Phoenix, and something I could design and see through from beginning to end. Just prior to Mancini Duffy, I was with HLW International for 6 years. There I worked on ESPN’s Digital Center 2 project, and SAP’s new headquarters at 10 Hudson Yards.

What would Spotify say is your most-played track?

Probably “Qi” by Phildel. Classical music helps me concentrate at work.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Have self-respect. People won’t respect you if you don’t first respect yourself.

Where would we find you on the weekend?

In my neighborhood—Long Island City—hanging out with my husband and son at both the playground and the beer hall.

What is something you collect?

Totes. It’s a problem I’m trying to correct. :/

Any other interesting fact about you?

I’m a big USC football fan. Fight on, Trojans!

Natalie's Featured Work