At Mancini Duffy, we’ve redefined–and continue to redefine–the way architects and designers work, live, and create. We’ve seen that having a positive and forward-thinking company culture radiates around to our clients, our projects, our industry, and the world we live in.

There are four principles that guide our firm and its operations. We look outward: we believe great ideas can come from any person at the firm. We look inward: management sets an active example in establishing new practices. We look ahead: when we put our people first, our people put our clients first. And we look farther ahead: with our Design Lab and MDLX, we’re pushing the boundaries of what we can deliver. We think this makes for a uniquely exciting place for you to advance your career in the architecture and interior design industry.

Scroll down to see some of the things we can offer you as an employee of Mancini Duffy:

  • We offer insurance! We offer healthcare plans covering health, dental, and vision, including fully employer-paid options.
  • We encourage you to take vacations! Our employees get generous yearly stipends for personal travel and lodging needs.
  • We don’t have a dress code! As long as you use good common sense in the office and around your clients, you’re golden.
  • We have flexible schedules! New employees can work with their supervisors to create alternate schedules; senior employees have even greater freedom to customize their hours.
  • We work hard but we have a lot of fun! We’ve got a casual atmosphere made even sweeter with company events, Thirsty Thursdays, kickball games, and all sorts of informal get-togethers at our favorite watering holes, karaoke bars, and parks.