Kyle Milone, RA

Senior Associate, Technical Director

When did you know you wanted to be an architect/designer?

My freshman year of high school. They offered a technical drawing program which was something I always found interesting. I stuck with it all four years, and it evolved into my career in architecture.

What would Spotify say is your most-played track?

I thought this was displayed on one’s profile, but it isn’t, so I tried looking up why. It turns out the feature was removed due to some users ending up with embarrassing tracks “by accident.” Let’s just say I may be one of those people…

What’s the best thing about working at Mancini Duffy?

The people and culture truly make it a special place. There are many people I work with that I can say are good friends of mine.

What is something you collect?

Videogames. Kind of a nerdy thing to say, but I still have every system I’ve owned to date.

What’s one accomplishment you’re most proud of?

I drove cross-country to live in California for a short while after college. I really winged that one but it was a success.

What’s the most unusual item in your desk drawer?

A photo-shopped image of our company kickball team from a couple years ago. My face was added to every person in the photo.

Kyle's Featured Work