KPMG Ignition, Innovation, and Insights Center

New York, New York

No matter the industry, possibilities in today’s marketplace are endless. We’ve worked with KPMG since 1969 to create spaces that bring their clients to the table to discover the possibilities their business can explore. Today, at KPMG’s 560 Lexington Avenue office, their clients can go beyond simple discussion and dive deep into the data and analytics that are driving business with a space that defies the expected. KPMG’s New York Ignition space is a unique environment that encourages collaboration and technology-driven solutions and is home to the Insights Center and Innovation Lab. These spaces provide interactive access to KPMG’s extensive database and expertise to make sense of the future and how they can rise to meet it.

Merging Existing Designs with a New York City Flavor

Joining a list of other such spaces in Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Paris, and Sydney, the New York Insights Center is where KPMG and their C-Suite clients collaborate and make sense of marketplace trends to propel meaningful business solutions that prepare a company—whether it’s a start-up or a mature business—for the future. It was our job to design a space that aligned with the look and feel of other KPMG Ignition, Innovation, and Insights Center locations, but with a distinct New York City flair that helps it stand out.

The design is intended to take visitors out of the typical office experience and create a subtle, sophisticated space to explore what is possible. Geometric forms and sharp angles are highlighted by high-contrast carpet and dynamic lighting. The main feature of the space is a bold conference table that is meant to draw the eye towards a digital wall where all the information is displayed. Glass walls create a blank canvas for notes and brainstorming ideas, and everything is driven by a control desk.

Seamlessly Integrating Technology Throughout the new KPMG Ignition, Innovation, and Insights Center

Of course, technology plays a critical role. Our design team integrated state-of-the-art technology and audio/visual equipment to quickly and efficiently allow users to interact with data directly, providing real-time analyses and insights. By design, we worked to create a seamless connection that creates a more immersive environment that is focused on accelerating strategic business decisions.

Integrating Coworking Space for Flexibility

Directly adjacent to the main Insights Center space sits the Innovation Lab. This space is all about coworking and is designed for maximum flexibility. The idea is to take the discoveries and nuggets of ideas developed in the Insights Center and flesh them out in the Innovation Lab, breaking down each element to uncover actionable solutions. The space also plays host to numerous collaborative/networking events and workshops hosted by KPMG clients and industry experts.

Allowing for Focused Project Work

KPMG Ignition is where focused, project, meeting and recreation spaces converge to stimulate creative thinking. The open floor plan is designed to enhance collaboration between KPMG’s internal teams and their clients, using a myriad of spaces that feature bold graphics, colors, and textures to create a balance of style and function. Throughout, high-tech visualization tools and writeable surfaces help to illustrate solutions during intensive brainstorms, and desk spaces offer a place for focused work.