The Tin Building

New York, NY
Historic Move

Originally built in 1907 as the center of the Fulton Fish Market, the Tin Building is a landmarked structure within a landmarked neighborhood. Mancini, as architect of record, facilitated the move of the building 33 feet to the east—disassembling the historic structure and reassembling it at its new location—while also elevating it 6 feet so it would be above the 100‑year floor plain. The lower level of the structure is intentionally designed to be flooded when water levels rise and recede. The project is anticipated to earn a LEED Silver certification.

This effort ultimately restores historic characteristics of the building that were lost in the 1995 fire and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. More than 300 historic artifacts were salvaged, saved, and restored and / or recreated for the re‑assembly. In its new location, the building also now has a generous public plaza space, which includes the new Blockhouse, and reduces obstruction of the views in the neighborhood.


Tin Building Amenities

The building will be activated as a food and beverage destination, including multiple food markets; bars and restaurants; craft beer offerings; demo kitchens for classes; private dining options; and events.