Malibu Farm at Pier 17

New York, New York

At Malibu Farm’s new outpost at Pier 17, it’s all about the details that drive a unique experience within the reinvigorated urban fabric of New York City’s Seaport District. At first glance, the design of Malibu Farm’s interiors may seem simple, but each element was coordinated down to the tiniest detail to provide complete customization. It was our task to translate the “Malibu-chic” design aesthetic for the New York City market, a feat that demanded high-quality materials and construction, as well as specific consultants that would help the project run smoothly from start to finish.

Leveraging our Experience at Pier 17

We balanced the restaurant client with The Howard Hughes Corporation development team by enforcing a strategic timeline that delivered a space while fitting into the larger vision for Pier 17. Having worked on previous spaces in the repositioned Pier 17—like the Winterland Rooftop Ice Skating experience—we knew how to navigate the filing process among a complex roster of Authorities Having Jurisdiction. This included staying within guidelines set forth by the South Street Seaport Historic District while remaining mindful of how each component of the space would affect daily operations. For example, at one point an espresso bar and the restaurant’s pick‑up area merged to create a large bar that overwhelmed the entrance. By being on-site and understanding the space, we negotiated issues like this by offering alternatives that preserved space and maintained the right entrance experience for guests.

Capturing Breathtaking Views

A big “wow-factor” of the entrance is its unrivaled views of the Brooklyn Bridge, which are perfectly framed by the main bar, which combines the big views with an intimate setting. Rather than rely on standard windows, we evaluated multiple design options (above) and installed a wall of floor-to-ceiling operable windows in this area that open to take full advantage of the weather on a nice day. Instead of just one wall, though, the system opens the full corner of the space for that quintessential indoor/outdoor living feel that is California is famous for.

Our work on this project ultimately helped maintain the unique vibe of the restaurant, driven by the Malibu Farm client, without sacrificing the existing architecture and inherent site opportunities at Pier 17. Our ability to balance both driving forces saw this project through to its successful opening, bringing a West Coast experience to New York City.