Relocating CNY Group Headquarters to 1440 Broadway

New York, NY

With this relocation of its offices to 1440 Broadway, the construction and development firm CNY Group wanted a new headquarters that reflected its forward-thinking culture, its diversity, and its commitment to quality. CNY Group was not only the client, but the contractor for the project. Their diligence at handling custom elements helped us establish the vision for the space, ensuring quality craftsmanship throughout which embodied their dedication to details and the bigger picture alike.

Celebrating the Unique Culture of Each Department

CNY Group has a diverse array of departments, so our job was to design a space inclusive of each department’s unique culture and workstyle. For example, CNY’s project teams received open work areas placed on the West 40th Street-side of the building to receive southern exposure. Their workstations were generously spaced to reduce working noise and to make room for shared islands where project managers can roll out plans.

In contrast, the executive areas are almost wholly private. Executive offices are designed with a homier touch than the more public areas, with wood flooring, area rugs, and furniture with distressed textures. Other departments had different proportions of shared, open, and private spaces, based on their needs and inclinations. And in CNY’s offices, there are ten meeting spaces—huddle rooms, conference rooms, and a boardroom seating 22 people—to support the company’s team-focused workstyles.

A Central Hub to Bring All of CNY Group Together

CNY Group’s offices are anchored by a central hub area overlooking West 40th Street and Broadway. It includes a pantry and seating for up to 26 people. It’s appropriate for impromptu meetings, and can also double as an event space, or a yoga and exercise room. CNY Group’s commitment to the care of its employees is also shown by the inclusion of a small, private wellness room suitable for nursing mothers, or employees just looking for a moment of peace and quiet.

Creating a Loft-Like Space at 1440 Broadway

1440 Broadway is a commercial building from the 1920s, not a SoHo loft, but we did endeavor to give the space something of a loft feeling. It’s an elegant space dressed in black and white, with punches of the same red color of the company’s logo. Yet we gave it hints of loft-like rawness in the aforementioned private offices, as well as the roughly patterned carpet, open ceilings, and exposed ductwork throughout.