TSX Broadway

New York, NY

Located at the busiest corner of the most heavily trafficked public space in the world, the building at 1568 Broadway is currently being transformed into an unprecedented, entertainment-driven project set to reimagine how people engage Times Square. TSX Broadway is the vision of L&L Development Corporation and Maefield Development—who recognized early-on Times Square’s shift toward more experience-based retail, hospitality and entertainment, including show-stopping Broadway productions, that appeal to global visitors. We are heading up the complex team that is partnering with this consortium of clients and stakeholders and leading the robust group of consultants to design a destination that will attract tenants and visitors unlike any ever before.

TSX Broadway

To pull it off, multiple components of the project will be constructed simultaneously, will retain the overbuilt site’s available floor-area-ratio, and maximize the site’s utilization. Of the existing structure, 25% will be retained, including the iconic Palace Theater which currently resides at ground level. New flagship-ready retail space will be inserted by lifting the theater approximately 30 feet and excavating below ground-level to create up to 75,000 square feet of new usable space. When combined, the new retail podium and elevated Palace Theater will create an experience unlike any other in Times Square, bringing retail, food and beverage, and entertainment to a single destination. These components will be constructed all while building a new hotel tower on top of the recreated podium using the existing structure of the current tower. It’s our job to keep the team on schedule and on budget throughout the entire renovation process.

Lifting the Palace Theater by 30 feet is no easy feat. The Palace’s interiors are currently registered as a New York City Historic Landmark, but not its exterior. Through a coordinated historic preservation and engineering effort, the theater will be elevated to a new location where our design team will create a new lobby that reactivates historic entrances as well as more efficient guest facilities and back-of-house theater space. These new elements are all designed to enhance the theater-going experience for guests.

But that’s only the beginning. The Palace’s new home will be part of the six-floor podium designed to be an entertainment destination. Each floor will house new retail and experiential spaces in the heart of New York City’s busiest area. Wrapping the podium will be a state-of-the-art exterior LED billboard that spans 18,000 square feet across the facade—making it Times Square’s largest transactional sign. Tucked into this enormous installation will be a performance venue known as the Icon Stage, which will hover 30 feet over the street when fully extended. The stage will be the first of its kind—ever —and we’re integrating broadcast and streaming capabilities that will showcase TSX Broadway as a major venue for performances, global product launches, and memorable events.

Atop the podium is an overbuild featuring large outdoor terraces and space designated for one-of-a-kind restaurants and venues, as well as a sky lobby for the new 669-key hotel tower. The hotel will feature enviable rooms that directly overlook the New Year’s Eve ball drop, adding to TSX Broadway’s value as a landmark location for global hospitality flags.