TSX Broadway in Times Square

New York, NY

Mancini Duffy is the Executive Architect for TSX Broadway. Mancini worked with developer L&L Holding to redevelop this site at one of New York City’s busiest street corners. The project involves nearly 45 consultants, more than 15 authorities having jurisdiction, and 5 client stakeholders, in addition to a myriad of future tenants. The site plays host to a new 550,000‑square‑foot development including 125,000 square feet of retail space, 30,000 square feet of dining space, 10,000 square feet of terrace space, and a 669‑key hotel totaling 260,000 square feet.

As Executive Architect, Mancini coordinated the massive effort to create an iconic destination within a destination. Mancini is responsible for creating the arena where the project’s full team of consultants came together for fluid and collaborative communication.



Initially, the Palace Theatre occupied the ground floor of the building. The landmark theatre built in 1912 has played host to some of the most iconic Broadway and Hollywood cinemas. The Mancini-led team of engineers and architects hoisted the theatre 30 feet into the air, without damaging any of the landmarked interiors. Mancini designed both front and back of house spaces for the restored iconic theatre.

The theatre lift created a new sub-cellar and a cellar was excavated underneath, carving out 75,000 extremely valuable square feet for the retail component. Before any of this could occur, the high-rise was deconstructed down to the 16th floor where the building’s structural super-columns were reinforced to support the giant trusses that enabled the lift. With the theatre lifted, the podium and hotel tower were reconstructed. The 6-story podium is now encased within a state-of-the-art exterior LED system that spans 18,000 square feet – Times Square’s largest transactional sign.

Tucked into this enormous sign is a 4,000 square foot performance venue that features an unprecedented stage hovering 30 feet over the street. The TSX Stage is the first of its kind in Times Square and integrates broadcast and streaming capabilities to showcase TSX Broadway as a major venue for iconic global performances. TSX Entertainment has hosted multiple concerts since its opening in September of 2023.


Working with the stakeholders for the project and its future hotelier, Mancini designed the new 669‑key Tempo by Hilton Hotel built above the historic theatre. Bringing the site to a total 46‑stories, Mancini worked on both the base building and interior fit‑out, retaining 25% of the existing 1988 hotel. From when guests first enter the hotel to arriving at their rooms, Mancini coordinated a unique guest experience working closely with the hotel interiors lead consultant.