XpresSpa’s New Treat Concept: Where Gratification and Wellbeing Meet

XpresSpa Concept

XpresSpa has been a common sight in our nation’s airports. Their retail locations tempt weary travelers with an opportunity to indulge a little through a variety of beauty and health services. When their business model had to shift overnight to COVID-19 testing, we assisted them with 11 build-outs of their new XpresCheck brand.

Design Concept

With their new “Treat” concept, developed by the firm Design Well Spent, the client not only seeks to restore and refine their original spa offerings to consumers but go beyond them so that every XpresSpa location offers an all-inclusive health and wellness experience. In private health rooms, patients can recieve a variety of minor medical procedures, such as COVID-19 tests and vaccines or vitamin B12 shots, or confer with a doctor remotely through telehealth screens. Communal wellness rooms offer a series of scheduled fitness activities, including yoga, meditation, low-impact weight training, and other kinds of workouts; lockers and showers complement these services. Above all, the interiors of this 1,300-usf site feature a fully-customizable user experience that engages all five senses through temperature and lighting control, aromatherapy, and piped-in music. In line with the bespoke nature of the concept, high-quality custom millwork is used throughout.


XpresSpa chose us to implement DWS’ design at its first location, an existing 1,300-usf XpressCheck site at John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4, not only thanks to our reliable track record with the client but also our familiarity with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Our work began in July 2021, and was completed in February of 2022. A second “Treat” location is underway at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. XpresSpa is weighing its options for future build-outs.