Langham Hotel

New York, NY
The Langham Experience

Our team recently worked with The Langham Hotels and Resorts to build out a Club Lounge amenity and reconfigure the sales office of its New York City location on Fifth Avenue. The new 3,000-sf space, based on a design concept developed by Richmond International and implemented at other Langham locations, offers a new premium experience for guests.


Langham Hotel Accommodations:

The lounge accommodates nearly 60 guests at a time and offers a timeless, elegant and New York‑centric respite. It features a high-end buffet and food and beverage service area, a lounge, and library. The lounge will provide a residential living room space to augment the guest rooms, while supporting the character of the guestrooms and VIP suites.

Project Collaboration

As Richmond International is based in London, we served as the local “feet on the ground” by providing the architect-of-record services necessary to complete the project. We specifically advised on the constructability of their design at the New York location, and phased the project to alleviate any pain points during construction.

Photos by Langham Hospitality Group