Crafting the new Omnicom Headquarters

New York, NY

Having established a comfortable working relationship with us on projects throughout the Northeast United States, Omnicom Group—a global marketing and corporate communications company—turned to us to create a headquarters space in New York City that reflected a sophisticated approach and kept their clients in mind. We leveraged our unique 360 Design process to immerse the client in their project using our patent-pending Toolbelt Technology and ultimately delivered a detail-driven design that impresses all.

Responding to Omnicom’s Executive Needs

This 20,300-square-foot space was designed to house C-Suite executives and serve as a suitable setting for their meetings with high-level client representatives. As such, it required a level of finish and polish, and we put a great deal of focus on the entry sequence, from the elevator lobby to the reception to the boardroom. These areas received a thoughtful use of natural and timeless materials such as wood and marble, presented in marked contrasts accented with cove lighting and sharp architectural lines.

Designing Multiple Office Types

For the executive areas, we developed five private office types to reflect five different corporate levels. These offices carry over the design ideas of the rest of the space, with bolder and customized application the higher up the corporate ladder the offices go; the two highest-tier offices in the perimeter corners break the spatial regularity of the space by setting furniture and millwork at sharp angles. The rest of the space is dominated by a design language with a more casual feel: open offices, open ceilings, and open collaborative areas.

Delivering the Project Successfully Even Amidst Covid-19

This project, begun in October 2019, was one of our first impacted by COVID-19. By the time lockdowns began in March 2020, most of our specifications were already complete, and in spite of the shutdowns throughout the furniture, finishes, and construction industries, ultimately deadlines weren’t missed. Nonetheless, we developed alternate specs that would allow us to stay ahead of any potential market disruptions while keeping our design vision, which relied so much on custom items, wholly intact. We also coordinated with the MEP engineer as they adjusted HVAC specifications to include UV light-sanitizing systems.