The Assemblage John Street House

New York, New York

The Assemblage is a brand of high-end co-working environments that cater to a community of professionals across a broad spectrum of startups, professional services, artisans, and craftspeople. As the base building renovation of 17 John Street was underway, we worked with The Assemblage to realize the design of the building’s interior spaces.  The new John Street House blends co-working and co-living to a new hyrid program typology – a “cotel” landing pad for teams and individuals to work and stay in a social environment. John Street House joins The Assemblage’s collective locations Nomad House and Park Avenue South, each with their own unique offerings to the group’s members.

Knowing who we were designing for and understanding their business goals significantly aided our ability to deliver exactly what the client envisioned. The Assemblage values community and wellness – a big part of this was to create a peaceful environment that would be nurturing to everyone who inhabits the space. Members of The Assemblage and guests of the hotel immediately get this feeling as soon as they walk into the building. A vaulted entrance lobby covered in preserved mosses dramatically deadens the street noise to create a peaceful environment. While each interior space was designed to foster connectivity, there is a clear separation between the public and private domains of the cotel program.

From the second floor to the sixth floor, open coworking spaces were designed to accommodate individuals, large or small teams, social or networking events, and other gatherings of different sizes. Hot desks, lounges, conference areas and various nooks and crannies offer a diverse range of space for people to work. To accommodate the diverse range of programming available to The Assemblage Members, John Street House also includes spaces beyond typical conference rooms or lounges – there are multimedia dens, a tea ceremony room, a yoga meditation space, and an elixir bar. Outdoor terraces and a rooftop terrace add multiple options for fresh air or al-fresco working.

What sets John Street House apart from other co-working space isn’t just its expansive menu of amenities, it’s the 79 brand new keys that the space introduced to the bustling FiDi neighborhood. We designed each room to continue the theme of diversity of spaces throughout. From studio rooms with efficiency kitchens to one-bedroom apartments with full kitchens and separate offices, each space is dedicated to serving the needs of each guest. The rooms are designed down to the last cabinet pull to articulate the brand which The Assemblage’s members expect.

After move-in, MDLX designed an extra level of styling design for the hotel rooms, co-working spaces, and specialty spaces. MDLX selected, procured, and installed specialty lighting, pillows, textiles, art-work, rugs, wallcoverings, books, plants, and geological artifacts that provided an even deeper expression of the client’s brand, which is defined by interconnectedness rooted in a profound understanding of nature.