220 East 14th Street New York City

Mancini Duffy was brought on to relocate this agency from a multi-floor office to a single floor office. We designed to meet the needs of their hybrid/agile work model while showcasing their company culture and brand. We collaborated closely with the client to understand their brand identity, needs and preferences for a future workspace, and their assessments of what worked or didn’t work in their current office. Subsequently, we formulated a vision and programmatic requirements for the new space.

Our initial step involved assessing the existing space to determine what elements could be retained and what needed modification to meet the client’s programmatic needs. We devised a plan to transform all offices into meeting rooms, selectively remove workstations to establish collaborative and amenity spaces, construct a new client-facing pitch room, and set up edit/sound suites. Additionally, we selectively replaced finishes and furniture for approximately half of the floor plan, upgraded all lighting, integrated a comprehensive graphic and branding enhancement, and introduced biophilic elements throughout.

Our design solutions encompassed redesigning the elevator lobby to create a striking and modern entrance. We crafted an activity-based workspace that exudes brightness and warmth through improved lighting, the introduction of live plants, and the reconfiguration of existing workstation furniture to accommodate new activity-based collaboration areas.

A sophisticated client library lounge was designed for meet-and-greets and breakout sessions, along with a luxurious pitch room experience and four distinct pantry/coffee shop areas, each offering a unique ambiance—Zen tearoom, industrial Brooklyn, playful & sweet, welcoming, and inviting. The incorporation of