Montefiore Cardio Cath Lab & CT

Bronx, NY
Montefiore Cardio Cath Lab Design

Embarking upon a major renovation project of the Gold Zone 2nd Floor, The purpose is to replace the existing Montefiore Cardio Cath Lab equipment, construct a new CT Scan and new MRI, replace three existing EP Labs, and provide additional and reconfigured recovery room space. The project is to be completed in four phases over three years.

The replacement of the Montefiore Cardio Cath Lab equipment will include one new small equipment room to house the new control equipment and the relocated existing scrub. The size of the existing Cath Lab room is not changing. The existing control room will maintain direct observation of the procedure.

Montefiore CT Scan

The new CT Scan will include a new control room with direct observation of the procedure, and two new small equipment closets to house the new control equipment. The expanded Holding Area plan will provide a dedicated nursing station, handwashing stations, millwork for storage of miscellaneous supplies, and six new enclosed holding rooms. An additional patient toilet will be added to the area as well.

The replacement of the EP Labs equipment will include modified equipment rooms to house the new control equipment and the relocation of the existing scrub sinks as necessary. The size of the existing EP rooms is increasing to fit new equipment as required.