Multiple Locations Nationwide

We began our relationship with KPMG in 1969, when our company’s co-founder, Ralph Mancini, helped developed the space and furniture standards for their New York City headquarters and planned their office space at 345 Park Avenue. Since then, we’ve had a continuous record of successful engagement with them. In the past twenty years alone, we’ve built-out over 2.6 million square feet of space in 34 KPMG locations, including nearly every office of theirs in the northeast United States. The projects pictured here—build-outs of their Ignition Center, Innovation Lab, Insights Center, and office space at 560 Lexington Avenue in New York City (a total of 130,000 square feet); a restack in Philadelphia (120,000); and relocations in Buffalo (4,300) and Short Hills, New Jersey (45,000)—represent just a fraction of our recent work for KPMG. This includes a focus “the bigger picture” of their needs, such as stacking and occupancy studies, real estate analysis, and the development of workplace standards.