Oak Brook, IL

A new start-up sought to take some of the anxiety out of clothes-shopping, and Mancini delivered them an exciting technology-forward retail experience.


Most consumers find the experience of trying on clothes boring, time-consuming, and with the looming threat of COVID-19 exposure in public places, more than a little overwhelming. Start-up tech company’s FIT:MATCH aims to eliminate the guesswork that makes the process so frustrating: its slogan is “Never Try on Clothes Again.” Using a full-body scan using 18 to 20 3D cameras that derive 150 data points about customer body shape and size, coupled with information about height, weight, and fit preferences entered in a mobile app, FIT:MATCH offers highly personalized clothing recommendations from its brand partners.

An incredible idea needs an incredible execution, so for its inaugural location in the Chicago suburbs, FIT:MATCH reached out to Mancini to help build a customer experience that’s enjoyable to the same degree that ordinary clothes-shopping experience can be a bummer. As such, we designed the measurement process (the client calls it “getting fitched”) as a little journey with milestones highlighted along the way.

It begins at a seating lounge dressed in sophisticated black with pops of yellow neon for contrast. On their way to the changing and scanning rooms, customers enter a lilac corridor leading to a hot-pink neon sign reading “Shop what fits. Not what doesn’t.” The changing rooms themselves match the vibrant color scheme of the entrance to enhance the scanning experience. Returning to the lounge, customers are met with feature walls and kiosks to find clothing matches.