Clade9 Design

Currently in the early concept stages Mancini is implementing a design theme of back to the future. The curvature of the custom millwork sculpts the unique high end experience of Clade9, an interactive Dispensary.

In order to connect the customer directly with the various products/merchandise available we streamlined the process to make it as simple as possible through the design of these stations where you can see the displayed product as well as order it all at one time. The fulfillment area was inspired by the ordering system seen in 50’s diners where there is a pickup/order counter connecting back of the house to the front.

The vault, where all the product being sold is stored is the location where you pick up your product after its been ordered. An employee who works in the vault will then open a window and slide you your purchased product. This allows for a smooth and seamless product pick up.

The Terp bar is designed to mimic a drinking bar, This new feature will be the first of its type in the dispensary industry thus far!