Breakwater Treatment & Wellness Asbury Park

Asbury Park, NJ
Breakwater Asbury Park

When our study of this site began in January 2020, the future of legalized recreational marijuana in New Jersey remained unclear. As such, our planning approach needed to cater to medical and recreational users alike. And given how desirable marijuana is as a target for theft, our plan had to maximize the security of the product, Breakwater’s employees, and its clientele—while also giving space to customers who may need guidance and emotional reassurance.

In our Breakwater plan for Asbury Park, customers move through the site in a well-defined path with bottlenecks; this makes it easier to monitor customers and the product. Upon entering the facility, customers are led to small reception area where they provide their ID and insurance. When ready, they go through a secure door to enter another waiting area facing the dispensary, where products are displayed, distributed, and paid for. To the side is a private office where first-time customers can discuss their needs and receive advise from an expert. A conference room seating eight is also available for larger family discussions.

When finished, customers are led into a small “mantrap” vestibule with two doors: the exit leading outside the building can only open once the door leading into the vestibule is closed and locked. Employees would have at their disposal a back-of-house area with a pantry and several touchdown stations for work, as well as a lounge on the rooftop.