Breakwater Treatment & Wellness Roselle Park

Roselle Park, NJ

Following the liberalization of New Jersey’s cannabis laws, Breakwater Treatment & Wellness has met great success providing state residents with medical marijuana products in the last couple of years. As part of its expansion plans, Breakwater is seeking to complement its Cranbury flagship with a new ground-up location in Roselle Park being designed by our firm, along with a planning study to see just how sympathetic a site in Asbury Park was for the client’s medical, retail, and security needs.

Breakwater Roselle Park

Currently occupied by a car dealership, this new location has been designed to support a larger volume of customers and a wider spectrum of services. With that in mind, Breakwater wanted to make it a welcoming destination: a place where customers can spend their time as they pick up their orders in a pleasant atmosphere and dispensary’s “budtenders” have plenty of room to interact semi-privately with patients.

With the schematic design phase underway, we’ve developed two distinct options for the building. For the “greenhouse” concept, a metal grid with glass panes would surround much of the building, offering protection to a sunny outdoor waiting area / lifestyle space and a second-floor terrace. The “fluidity” concept is a little more visually private, with the interior screened by exterior elements and outdoor places for waiting minimized.

Both options emphasize the dispensary room proper, providing ample space for customer interactions under double-height ceilings and sunlights or high windows that let light shine through. These spaces will be augmented by a reception area where customers will wait prior to admission into the dispensary, multiple small rooms for private consultation, and a vault for secure product storage.

Breakwater is currently reviewing our design concepts and weighing its options.