Boqueria West Hartford

The design of this location  revolves around a collection of feature elements that anchor the space and provide smaller, more intimate areas in an otherwise open floor plan

When entering the restaurant, guests are greeted with an island marble bar, faced with a rounded profile white oak tambour, and a blackened metal gantry hanging above.

A niche runs along the perimeter featuring a hand painted custom Spanish mural above and booths tucked away in a warm glowing lime-wash cove with curved black metal accent armatures. Anchoring the main dining room, a backlit fluted glass gantry frames the open kitchen, celebrating the vibrant cuisine, and providing a glow of energy to the layered atmosphere.

The ceilings offer a mixture of dark lower datums and prominent higher datums with glowing wooden slat and beam pockets establishing various dining zones of the restaurant. The layout of the restaurant is zoned to allow for a large 38-seat event area adjacent to a 24-seat private dining room with glass doors.  Separating this 60+-person event area is a motorized textured curtain to allow privacy for events.  Within this event area, shelves line the walls with backlit perforated metal panels and rounded white oak frames featuring Spanish décor.

A collection of custom light fixtures hang throughout the space providing a refined, contemporary twist to an industrial material palette. In the restrooms, a rusty red vanity with brass accents is surrounded a dark, subtle environment.

Polished concrete floors connect the spaces throughout, providing resilience and neutral stage for the restaurant.