The Connell Company

Berkeley Heights, NJ

Mancini is revitalizing 400 Connell Drive in Berkeley Heights, NJ, adding a fresh lounge and upgraded workspaces. They’re also renovating the lobby and lounge areas, introducing a fitness center, spa, and social spaces like a game room and meditation area. A notable challenge was integrating the fitness center above existing offices, solved with an acoustic raised floor. The goal is to enhance The Park’s appeal as a destination for shopping, dining, and working, encouraging communal experiences with a modern ambiance.

Mancini is also assisting Connell Real Estate Co. with repositioning 300 Connell Drive. Renovations will enhance the lobby, dining options, and communal spaces, emphasizing a hospitality-centric theme. The three-story atrium will feature an ornamental stairway and water wall, along with five elevators and a full-service dining facility. A newly designed café will replace the former cafeteria, offering modern amenities like a test kitchen, espresso bar, cocktail lounge, and coworking space.