New Union Square Eye Center Design

New York, NY
Union Square Eye Center Renovation

Mancini assisted the Union Square Eye Center in establishing an Article 28 approved clinic at 235 Park Avenue South, New York, New York. USQEC operates this facility to support their ongoing mission as a provider of high-quality, culturally competent ophthalmology/eye care services to underserved individuals.

The culmination of this effort is the construction of 10 (ten) exam rooms for Vision Care. Support spaces include waiting/reception area, M.A./tech stations, MD consult/office, diagnostic testing rooms, soil holding, clean storage, storage closet, & toilets. The new center will also contains staff lounge area, staff locker room and staff toilets and a dedicated supply storage cabinet for housekeeping supplies, brooms, mops, etc.

The total existing area for the center is 5,225 SF.