Expanding Under Armour’s Women’s Apparel Group

New York, NY

We converted existing suites into new buyer showrooms, reconfigured storage areas into functional spaces, and redesigned the outdoor terrace to drive the company’s expanding market demand. Under Armour‘s Women’s Apparel Group originally moved to the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City to gain access to the vast talent and resources of the city’s long-established fashion industry while expanding into their target market. As demand rose and hiring increased, the Group needed more space.

Under Armour’s Women’s Apparel Group Design

Our team designed the conversion of a couple neighboring suites on the same floor into new buyer showrooms, reconfigured the original office’s storage areas into new functional spaces, and designed a new layout for a 4,000-square-foot outdoor terrace—which includes space for outdoor yoga.

The expansion reflects the vitality and activity of the brand and supports the collaborative and creative needs of Under Armour’s employees. The large, open-plan office provides ample creative spaces, like the showrooms, where teams can meet, pin up designs, work with models and samples, and present to clients.