Sandler O’Neill and Partners

New York, NY

When investment banking firm Sandler O’Neill and Partners decided to relocate their New York Offices from 919 Third Avenue, they turned to our firm for the selection and design of their new space. Sandler O’Neill’s previous offices had been in several non-contiguous spaces, and so the generous floorplates at 1251 Sixth Avenue were a big draw: the new space could accommodate critical adjacencies, allow for more open sight-lines, and provide a wide-open space for a 172-desk trading floor. The location—the full sixth floor and part of the seventh—would also allow Sandler O’Neill room for growth.

Sandler O’Neill and Partners Office Layout


Stepping off the elevator, visitors are given a formal sense of arrival by a symmetrical seating area in the reception, which is adjacent to a multiple-room conference zone, all of which makes extensive use of medium-toned tropical olive millwork. The airy trading area is marked by unobstructed views of 49th Street, and a nearby food service hub allows the firm to provide lunch for its busy staff. A new connecting stair links the two floors, and glass-fronted offices ring much of the perimeter.

This was Sandler O’Neill’s first opportunity to have offices planned and designed expressly for themselves since their rapid relocation after the destruction of their offices in the World Trade Center. The new office both responds to their workspace needs and reflects the strong culture of the firm, with a design that is both contemporary and warm. A memorial to those lost in the tragedy of September 11th is given a place of honor in Sandler O’Neill’s reception area.