A Refresh for The Shore at Newport

Jersey City, NJ

With this project, we helped transform The Shore at Newport, one of the New York tri-state area’s largest residential complexes, through a refresh of its entrance, support spaces, hallways, and amenities. In the summer of 2016, we were selected to provide architectural and interior design services for The Shore at Newport, an apartment complex in Jersey City, New Jersey. The Shore’s board of directors, wishing to keep the property competitive with the many new buildings under construction in the neighborhood, required a renovation of the complex’s common areas. This includes its main entrance lobby and support spaces, residential hallways and elevator galleys, and amenities floor including an outdoor terrace.


The Shore at Newport Design Concept

During this project, we worked with a committee of home owners to arrive at, develop, and achieve a consensus on two design concept options, steering them towards an aesthetic that will prove appealing to potential tenants ten years down the line. These two concepts were then presented to residents for their approval.

In the selected design, water and water motifs feature prominently: for example, the lobby was designed around a water feature, and the common area carpets are deep blue with a rippling, wave-link pattern. This is a play on the name of the complex, and a nod to the principles of feng shui, a philosophical system popular with many of the residents of Chinese heritage where the proper application of water can bring wealth and prosperity.