Prudential Asset Management

Newark, New Jersey

We recently served as the interiors team that helped relocate Prudential’s asset management business to 475,000 square feet of space in a headquarters building that was being constructed in Newark, New Jersey. From five locations, we brought together 19 business units, each of which had been operating under multiple and incompatible design and planning standards.

To simplify their offices, we boiled down the requirements of all of these departments into a single set of standards—one that encompassed several architectural, planning, and design options that nonetheless allowed for a sizable number of customizable permutations that could express every department’s workstyle and cultural identity.

The new space also includes 96,000 square feet of trading space for 350 trading positions. By consolidating the main trading operations onto one floor, we were able to make room for a state-of-the-art broadcast facility co-located with trading, allowing real-time information access and live reporting opportunities.