Developing the Prologis Distribution Center

Bronx, NY
ProLogis Process

Mancini has worked with ProLogis on the interior and exterior renovations of their 1055 Bronx River Avenue facility for multiple tenants since 2016. ProLogis initially sought out Mancini to provide services towards the gut renovation and whiteboxing of 1055’s interior, clearing out everything originally built out for abc Carpet & Home, who had been using the site as warehouse and showroom. Later, we assisted ProLogis when the new tenant, a world-class logistics and transportation company requested a partial demolition inside the space allowing for the installation of a new vertical lift.

Later, when that tenant vacated 1055, we handled the site’s transition to a hub for food preparation and online delivery throughout the city. Supplementing our work supporting the new gut renovation and whiteboxing, we helped with the installation of interior stairs and places of assembly within the existing mezzanine of the building. Our work also included an exterior ramp connecting on-grade parking to the exposed cellar roof, allowing for additional parking and an entrance into the building for trucks.

Additional Services

Other work for the site has included a full masonry restoration for facade and the restoration of stretched-canvas billboards around the building. We also developed a full‑site resilience study, as 1055 lies within a flood zone, then oversaw the repositioning of building services and the fortification of several walls to comply with FEMA requirements.