Modernizing an Onyx Equities Office Building

New Rochelle, NJ
Onyx Equities Acquisition & Redesign

Longtime Mancini client Onyx Equities acquired 395 West Passaic Street in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, as part of larger portfolio of office buildings. To showcase their commitment to improving the tenant experience, Onyx tapped our firm to provide a full array of architectural and interior design renovations at the site.

Built in 1976, 395 West Passaic had no amenities to speak of. To make up for this, we envisioned a coffee bar and adjacent work lounge dominating the ground floor entrance floor. Common areas throughout the ground floor would be typified by a clean, modern style of neutral colors, straight lines, and glass walls with hexagonal “honeycomb” motifs—walls that were also instrumental in obscuring views of the basement parking within the building. We also subjected the ground floor entrance, elevator cabs, and common bathrooms to a design rethink.

When completed, our designs would serve as a prototype for future work at other properties. Ultimately they were not implemented, but our work was nonetheless valuable to Onyx, as they used renderings we developed to attract a new buyer for the site. The project began in 3Q 2017 and was completed in 4Q 2018.