Brooklyn’s 240 Broadway

Brooklyn, NY
Historic 240 Broadway Repurposing

ZB Capital Group recently acquired 240 Broadway in Brooklyn, New York, a five-floor, 33,875-gsf building originally constructed in 1910 as a sewing factory and later converted into a 24‑unit residential structure. Looking to finalize efforts towards repositioning the property as a commercial office building, ZB came to Mancini to build upon preliminary design and zoning studies that had already been completed.

240 Broadway Redesign

The building will receive a full modernization, including the addition of mechanical systems and at least two new elevators. Our design entails white-box retail spaces at ground level and white box tenant space at the cellar through fifth floors, as well as a new tenant lobby at the ground level made possible by reconfiguring the existing entrances and retail frontage. We’re also restoring the historic cast-iron facade, leveraging work completed by a historical research consultant, and add a penthouse and outdoor amenity spaces that will help attract future tenants. Finally, we’re working with ZB marketing team to understand the potential tenants they are looking to attract, and evaluate the base building configuration in relationship to those types.

Our extensive experience in working on extraordinary building challenges, our broad understanding of local codes and requirements, our constant striving for innovation as well as our understanding of the perpetual conflicts that can arise from historic existing conditions, will enable us to help ZB achieve their goal successfully. The result will be a thoroughly thought‑out, beautiful building ready to attract high-end tenants and stand out as top real estate in its neighborhood.