NYU Quentin Road

Brooklyn, NY

Working with NYU Langone Health, we helped expand the Perlmutter Cancer Center’s Hematology & Oncology Outpatient Practice at the Brooklyn-based satellite location known as Quentin Road.

At NYU Quentin Road, researchers, as well as doctors, translate promising laboratory discoveries into pioneering cancer treatment clinical trials. This renovation and expansion allows the local Brooklyn community full access to NYU’s specialty services without having to travel into midtown Manhattan.

NYU Quentin Road Design

The space is approximately 7,500 sf on the 7th floor. Part of the project included designing additional storage space and a new loading dock for the adjacent NYU Chemo Pharmacy, as well as a pharmacy breakdown area and hazardous waste storage rooms located off of the loading dock. The project also included backfill of the 7th floor space to accommodate a new Cardiology Outpatient Practice.

The construction will include a total of 17 new exam rooms. Support spaces include waiting/reception area, staff and support areas, charting areas, medical consulting rooms, patient assessment rooms, administrative staff offices, and other work areas, as well as a medicine distribution room, clean and soiled utility, storage, toilets, and staff lounge/lockers.