NYC Health + Hospital Robotics

Queens, NY
New Elmhurst Robotic Operating Rooms

This project will increase the size of the operating rooms from an average of 400 sf to 700 sf, upgrade the MEP infrastructure, accommodate (DaVinci Machine) robotic surgery equipment and add ceiling hung anesthesia/lights/equipment booms to free up floor space within the new rooms.

A new roof top air handling unit (RTU) will be part of this project and it will be dedicated for these two rooms. In addition, the adjacent clean core will be expanded and two new scrub areas will be constructed.

MEP scope will consists of new ductwork for air distribution and CAV, HEPA filters and humidifiers located on the mechanical room on the floor above for easier access for maintenance. The new air system will supply 25 air changes per hour and will maintain positive pressure inside the ORs. A new local control panel to monitor and control the OR temperature, humidity and pressure differential will be provided and be connected to the existing Building Automation System. Air is supplied through a pre-fabricated/modular ceiling plenum hung from the structure above. New medical gases and isolated power for the ORs will also be provided.

The original surgical suite had 8 robotic operating rooms. At the end of construction the total number of operating rooms will be 10.