NBCUniversal Sales

New York, NY

We worked with NBCUniversal to redesign more than 245,000 square feet of their sales offices to incorporate their new global standards with a local New York City flare. We also redesigned their 21,000‑square-foot full commissary across two floors.

New NBCUniversal Sales & Commissary Design

For the new workspace for the sales team, we used NBC’s new standards to design their workspace inclusive of multiple boardrooms, cafes and amenity spaces, and a training center that can accommodate up to 50 people at a time. Every floor carries a flavor of New York City coupled with the larger NBCUniversal brand—each floor has a branded color from an individual feather of NBC’s iconic peacock logo. The resulting space brings recycled‑content materials and engineered woods for sustainability and long‑term performance of the materials, and exposed ceilings allow for energy‑efficient lighting while allowing for a low‑cost solution.

NBCUniversal Commissary Relocation

For the relocated commissary space spanning two floors, Mancini was tasked with solving a number of infrastructure challenges primarily due to them being outdated .The existing commissary was too small to provide the level of catering, in addition to cafeteria service, required by NBCUniversal for events, parties, and conferencing. The resulting commissary increases its capacity for service, while also spanning two stories for the dining area, ultimately capable of seating 225 people (double its original capacity). It now doubles down for in‑house social functions as well as live broadcasting of cooking segments and interviews, true to NBCUniversal’s roots as a media company.