New York, NY

This global consumer brand went from zero to everyone in under a year—and JUUL turned to Mancini to design their New York City office space to be a complete brand experience through architecture. Their new space will serve as a showroom, executive suites, and workspace as their East Coast Hub.

JUUL Labs Design

When you walk into the New York office of this major global brand, you immediately know where you are – not because there are logos plastered everywhere, but because the essence of who they are is distilled through design. We started by defining what New York City is to them, injected their brand experience, and then deconstructed it all to create a uniquely branded experience. The new destination will cater to buyers, clients, the brand’s leadership and executives, and employee‑centric teams without relying on the JUUL’s logo to convey it all. Instead, the design uses size variations, contrast, and solid‑void relationships, to name a few, to create their space and tailored work environment.

The space itself is impressive, but we created a flexible and transient, yet intimate working areas. Dedicated desking is grouped in neighborhoods of no more than 32 seats, so there is no giant sea of workstations. These neighborhoods are punctuated by spaces outlined in the architecture for group work or brainstorms. A huge open space surrounded by tiered seating serves as the backdrop for all-hands assemblies or company-wide broadcasts. Conference rooms and pre-function areas create the inviting atmosphere designed to entertain clients and executives.