Diptyque North America

New York, NY
Fusing Two Houses

The luxury brand Diptyque was founded in Paris in 1961, created through the three founders’ whimsical take on historic iconography and the fine arts. Byredo, founded in Stockholm in 2006, exudes more bold, modernist principles. While distinctly different in character, the two houses share a similar appreciation for creative luxury.

We developed a design based on this brand duality as well as a unifying appreciation for simple elegance, wrapped in the urban grittiness of its New York City location.

Diptyque Design

The architectural palette is defined by polished concrete floors, exposed loft-like ceilings, and glass office fronts. The ancillary furniture creates softness and colorful comfort, and is used in the huddle rooms, conference rooms and cantine area lining the office space perimeter. The natural wood and metal bench workstations create a collaborative open-office environment flanked by these common areas. The result is a flexible, efficient workplace.

Photography by Chris Cooper