Utrecht, the Netherlands

We’ve established a solid decade-long relationship with the data backup and disaster recovery solutions expert Commvault, starting with the build-out of its world headquarters in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, and carried through Austin, Texas, New York City, and further work in Tinton Falls. Our design for their headquarters signaled a major shift in the way the company approached its office space; in contrast to the traditional, nondescript offices they were accustomed to, Commvault started to embrace open plan environments for most of its employees, and a more playful design aesthetic.

Allowing for more Fluid Workstyles at Commvault

The arrival of a new CEO, Sanjay Mirchandani, in 2019 has encouraged an even less conventional aesthetic direction. Commvault corporate interiors now tilt towards the industrial, with a robust mix of raw and refined textures, exposed ceilings, and sleek high-contrast neutrals. Furthermore, recent workplace trends—accelerated by the ubiquity of work-from-home during the COVID-19 pandemic—has motivated Commvault to support more fluid workstyles and a leaner real estate profile.

Balancing Unassigned Seating with More Space Types

This relocation of its branch office in Utrecht, the Netherlands, was one of the first projects we did for Commvault inspired by this fresh, new thinking. The original office was already a bit too large for its occupants, so we intelligently right-sized the new 10,000-square-foot space. To match an unassigned model for seating, workstations now make up a smaller percentage of the office footprint. To compensate, we increased the overall size of meeting rooms, and provided a wider array of room types; plus, we enlarged the pantry area and made it more amenable for work as well as meals.

Pushing Forward with new Offices for Commvault Across the Globe

Our work began just prior to the state lockdowns in New York and New Jersey, and from design to move-in, operated on a fast-track schedule of just eight months. With our work in Utrecht serving as a model, we’ve also been building out offices in Madrid, Spain; Reading, United Kingdom; and Sydney, Australia.