BUILD Studio

New York, New York

At 692 Broadway, just down the street from the headquarters work we’ve done for the client, we’ve just completed a broadcast studio and performance space for Oath’s BUILD Series, an online interview series where the talent sits among the audience and interact with fans in intimate settings. To match the unmediated quality of these interviews, Oath envisioned the studio as a “raw space for culture,” so we kept it austere in design, stripping it to the essentials, leaving the ceiling exposed and the floor unfinished concrete.

There’s also a full array of facilities that the support the creation of original content: edit and audio rooms; a full photoshoot area and an informal step-and-repeat; and lounges, restrooms, and three green rooms. These spaces are youthful and eclectic, a direct result of working closely with the end-users to capture the company’s culture. Apartment 48, the client’s interior decorator, was also a key player, assisting with the selection of specialty finishes, furniture, lighting, and accessories.