5000 Richmond Street

Philadelphia, PA

DH Property Holdings is taking advantage of 5000 Richmond Street, a 67-acre industrial site located six miles away from downtown Philadelphia and underutilized as a largely empty parking lot to build two buildings: one is 348,000 sf, the other 411,000 sf.

5000 Richmond Street Design Plan

They will be two “spec build”, single-story, concrete industrial buildings with 40-ft-clear interiors; together, they will provide 759,000 sf of industrial space for the city. To shore up their durability and speed their construction, we are designing them as precast concrete structures. Our work is part of larger development project, one of whose aims is to raise a large portion of the site about ten feet above the flood plain it sits in. Since the facility has no tenants yet, office spaces and dock layouts are being designed for flexibility, and as such, can easily be divided up for two or four tenants.