3 & 5 Central Avenue

Madison, NJ

With our design of 3 & 5 Central Avenue in Madison, New Jersey, we conceived a modern building that would comfortably fit within the town’s historic core.

Infill mixed-use buildings in suburban historic downtowns present unique opportunities and unique considerations. While our first inclination is to preserve and emulate what’s there, we also want to refresh and adapt communities to reflect present demands and future needs of each, and help them be able to compete with neighboring towns for the newest hip retail stores and quality housing and tenants.

Our proposed design of 3 &5 Central Avenue, a location in Madison, New Jersey, references the architectural styles of its historic district while embracing a more modern aesthetic of clean articulation of form with a minimum of ornamentation. The exterior material selection of traditional brick, steel, glass, and porcelain tiles, bridges those two worlds.