February 3, 2020

American Airlines’ JFK Flagship Lounge Soars on USA TODAY List

Great news! Mancini-designed American Airlines JFK Flagship Lounge tops USA TODAY’s 10Best list as the Best Airport Lounge in 2020—in the WORLD. The list of fan-favorite lounges was curated and voted on by 10Best’s panel of frequent flier experts and notes the different spaces, amenities and experiences that guests at the Flagship Lounge enjoy.

“Going into this project we could’ve tackled it the way any other firm would, but we know that passengers are incredibly discerning nowadays—they’re looking for an experience,” said John Anthal, principal at Mancini. “Our design takes leverages the terminal’s inherent architecture and captures the light, views, and openness that helped the program be successful.”

The team introduced a diagonal layout that evokes the airlines’ wing-shaped logo and organically draws the eye through the space and out toward the views. The rhythm of the terminal’s floor-to-ceiling curtain wall creates bright yet cozy living room settings within each column bay, and tall ceilings afford the height needed to create a tiered seating condition for the central Wine Bar making it so no matter where you sit you have a breathtaking view out of the runway. We crafted elements like millwork to complement the existing architecture of the terminal which seamlessly define distinct zones within the space without breaking up the space with partitions or walls. Initially not part of the original scope, the team saw opportunity to transform an underutilized bridge into a terrace with its own full-size bar that overlooks the concourse.

“By amplifying the terminal’s existing elements, we’ve helped American Airlines create a new experience for their Flagship Lounge. The project was so successful, it has since become the new design standard for other Flagship Lounge locations in airports across the country,” Anthal shares. “Now, these uniquely American Airlines’ spaces surpass what other global airlines offer their premium guests.”

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