The Green at Florham Park

Florham Park, New Jersey

The Green at Florham Park in Florham Park, New Jersey, is a master-planned development built by The Rockefeller Group that aims to be a sought-after destination for corporate tenants. Mancini designed a pair of world-class office buildings, totaling 300,000 sf and utilizing a hybrid topology to bring a bold new look to the campus, with the intent to attract top-tier technology companies.

Arranged centrally on a lot shaped like an arrowhead, the buildings’ design communicates a the unique symmetry of the property with their angular, crystalline shapes almost nodding to each other. The buildings are interconnected through a base that gathers daylight from skylights and angular clerestory windows shining through double-height spaces. This base is where all the amenities like a café, gym, shops and other conveniences are placed. Employees can access this base at the ground level or by climbing a set of geometric stairs, leading up from an entry plaza, to the main entrances.

Mancini also designed state-of-the-art, configurable office space above this base to cater to cutting-edge technology companies and start ups. Each floor takes advantage of the natural daylight and views afforded by the building’s design. Mancini designed the buildings to grow efficiently with their tenants.