Microprocessing & Sensors

Microprocessors power almost everything we use. Right now, they’re powering your phone, your computer, your watch – everything that involves the processing of data.

We, at Mancini, believe that capturing the possibilities of this technology is important, and we strive to find ways to integrate it into the architectural design process. Since sensors produce all sorts of data, it’s a way for digital devices to see and feel environments. Just as people can see, hear and touch, sensors have a way to transmit data to replicate those senses. Microprocessors then read that data and execute a task according to the coding that is programmed within.

Our in-house developers are trained in programming, building and executing applications around microprocessors and sensors. We use many different sensor combinations like infrared, sonar, lidar and others to assist with various design and construction processes. For example, we’re using these technologies to fly drones inside buildings, equipping them with various sensors that see and read spaces remotely. The operator could be at a desk in Manhattan and getting readings from the drone in New Jersey! The team has tested this application a few times, so development is ongoing.

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