Mancini:Toolbelt aims to level the playing field between everyone involved in project. Fully immersive environments offer cutting-edge realism and customization that are not baked into a typical design process. Mancini:Toolbelt combines custom programming and advanced database access to bring the entire team together. The Toolbelt runs on a video game platform and links multiple architectural and analytical software together to streamline the design process.


  • Linking between multiple 3D architectural design and construction software.
  • Teleporting – Walk through a fully rendered virtual environment physically within our Design Lab VR arena (or we can bring one to you!) offering a 15-foot by 15-foot VR stage.
  • Material and Furniture Selection – Connect to our vast library of materials and access our database of vendors and manufacturers.
  • Object Grabbing & Placement – Moving things like walls, furniture, facades, doors and more. If it’s modeled, we can move it.
  • Geometry Generation – Create quick, customizable massing studies.
  • 1:1 Measuring Tape – Double check dimensions and spacing within a design.
  • 3D Doodling – Make notes within the virtual environment.

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