Michael Casey, AIA

Senior Project Architect

Where were you born?

Chicago, IL

Where is your favorite travel destination?

Caribbean beaches especially in Puerto Rico

What’s something you’d still love to learn?

Oil painting

Describe Mancini’s company culture in one word?


What do you hope to see in the future in the world of architecture and design?

Less ego and more humility

When did you know you wanted to be an architect/designer?

Seeing the Chicago skyline when driving into the city as a kid, and when I started drawing building plans and elevations in the margins of my notes in high school.

What is something you collect?

Passport stamps – I want to keep traveling and seeing more of the world.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

During the creative process if you find yourself stuck or frustrated, step away from the work and take a break. Coming back with fresh eyes and a different mindset will help you see the project in a new way.

What is your favorite hobby?

Currently learning how to use a sewing machine and construct garments piece by piece.

Who inspires you the most in your field?

The late Virgil Abloh, for taking his architecture education and translating it into a fashion brand with a lasting cultural impact.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Karaoke and an encyclopedic knowledge of musical lyrics for songs that I love.

Any other interesting fact about you?

I was twice featured in TimeOut New York’s ‘Undateables’ blind date column.