Morristown, NJ

It’s the worst when you want to host an event, but the venue just can’t hold everyone. For RegentAtlantic, a financial services and wealth management firm, space was becoming an issue at their old location—space for their teams to work together and space to host the myriad of client events throughout the year—so they decided to relocate. We were brought in to ideate a hybrid hospitality/workplace design that solves event space issues while offering a new, team-focused work environment, which we accomplished by delineating functions into distinct zones.

Incorporating Hospitality Elements for RegentAtlantic

The first thing we addressed for the team was to carve out plenty of space for them to host their clients, who regularly visit the office. RegentAtlantic is always looking to expand their client base and venture into more diverse demographics, so our design focused on being both flexible and stylish. It was our goal to appeal to both dressed-down or dressed-up events without being particular to either.

A large multipurpose room that can be reconfigured for different types of gatherings like training, seminars, presentations, or banquets, is located centrally in the client-fazing zone, which also holds numerous private conference rooms where teams can work with their clients. A large, central pantry serves as a pre-function area during conferences or as a main bar during events—a separate catering kitchen in the area’s back-of-house space accommodates staff for larger, more formal functions.

Shifting to Team-Focused Workplace Design

The employee zone’s design is focused on accommodating RegentAtlantic’s shift in workstyle toward more transparency and collaboration. The previous space had been a blend of private offices and workstations which were not functional for the flexible, team-centric work style RegentAtlantic’s employees had grown into. Now, it’s all about options. Teams can work together in numerous huddle rooms or meeting rooms, at booths located in their “neighborhood” or complete focused, individual work in phone booths or at their dedicated desk with its large surface area. We located workstations at the perimeter of the floorplan to provide plenty of access to natural light with workplace amenities, like a large employee pantry and conference rooms, located centrally.