New York, NY

Mancini is the design architect working in tandem with Playlab who developed the conceptual design for this 6,500 sf active listening center. After the world experienced the isolating effects of Covid, Peoplehood aims to bring people together around open conversations to create personal connections.

Peoplehood Project

A place where members grow and improve their mental fitness. This center introduces the concept of Relational Fitness – a counterpart to Physical Fitness – with the goal of aiding individuals in talking freely, listening deeply, and improving mental health overall. “Workouts for the self”

Feature rooms for “gathers” ­— Events where the organization assembles groups of various kinds (individuals, couples, mothers, business associates, etc.) to experience guided group conversations.

Mancini is renovating a 3-story townhouse for this start-up’s first location, situated in NYC’s Flatiron District. Exterior upgrades include a new storefront with signage. The ground floor will house a Listening Bar and Coffee Shop for informal conversations. As well as rooms for the guided sessions to take place.