Kellenberg Memorial Labs Renovation

Uniondale, NY

Kellenberg Memorial, an elite private Catholic high school, needed a revamp of its science labs. Mancini’s response: a new lab with a bold new aesthetic, reflecting the school’s teaching style and community vision.

Kellenberg Memorial Design

While Kellenberg Memorial’s STEM program had grown in importance and sophistication over the years, its science facilities hadn’t received an exhaustive renovation since the school’s founding in 1987. Our work encompasses specialized lab rooms for earth science, chemistry, biology, and physics, as well as rooms dedicated to collaborative, cross-discipline efforts; experiment and demonstration preparation; and group efforts towards the national Science Olympiad competition. These rooms are equipped with everything needed for modern science instruction. Teachers have access to state-of-the-art audio-visual displays and digital whiteboards; depending on the discipline, students are furnished with shared stations with durable surfaces, storage for individual projects, and access to gas, electricity, and water.

Rooms without heavy-duty safety requirements have been designed to support multiple room layouts; in particular, the layout of the Collaborative Lab is easily configurable for all kinds of instruction and study, from classroom teaching to multiple small groups of heads-down teamwork.

To give the Kellenberg Memorial facilities a sense of distinction, the corridors feature bright colored glass walls with scientific and technological themes that are also a nod to the traditional Christian-themed stained glass windows seen throughout the school.