Hayward Industries Headquarters

Berkeley Heights, NJ

Hayward Industries manufactures swimming pool filters, pumps, and lights; their company culture is dynamic and collaborative, but were saddled with a headquarters space that didn’t support that ethos. Mancini and Hayward Industries saw a relocation to 21,300 square feet at 400 Connell Drive in Berkeley Heights as an opportunity to design an office that truly represented the Hayward Industries culture aesthetically, and created a pleasing work environment for employees, while also imposing some coherency and efficiency.

A Balanced Space Designed Expressly for the new Hayward Industries Headquarters

Hayward Industries is company that grew steadily over the course of 80 years, and took on additional space as the need arose. Because of their expansion methods, and choice to stay in place until recently, they developed a workplace that wasn’t optimally calibrated to their company culture and workstyles. Some parts of their program were underrepresented in the space, some were overrepresented, and overall, a sense of uniformity and hierarchy in the space was lacking. So, we planned the new Hayward Industries Headquarters to be balanced with opportunities for small informal meetings and personal work space.

Supporting the Employee Experience with Stand-out Spaces

We were also able to add a number of features to the new Hayward Industries Headquarters which were long desired by the workforce: a desirable reception area, showcasing the company’s multi-colored pool lighting and equipment; a wellness room to support personal needs; and a centrally located pantry/ common area where employees would cross paths and convene. We added to their conferencing capabilities too, improving the overall conference-to-employee ratio and right-sizing the spaces based on their working habits.