Dorsey & Whitney

New York, NY

This relocation reinforced the Minneapolis-based firm’s strong brand identity within the Manhattan marketplace, effectively showcasing themselves as a sophisticated, modern law firm.

When deciding between a renovation or relocation of their current office, Dorsey & Whitney hired Mancini to evaluate real estate options, including a stay-in-place scenario. After considering three relocation alternatives, Dorsey decided to relocate to the CBS Building at 51 West 52nd Street.

Dorsey & Whitney Design

In the new space, we created a flexible work environment that promotes transparency and collaboration among the attorneys. Office sizes are standardized, and associate furniture components can easily be rearranged to allow for the potential doubling-up of offices.

Totaling 70,000 square feet on three floors, the project features an interconnecting stair linking all floors, a conference center clustered on the middle floor—with two rooms on both the floor above and below, easily accessed by the stair—and a multi-purpose room.