Columbia Park Master Plan

Morristown, New Jersey

Columbia Park is a new 715,000-square-foot master-planned office park development concept designed by Mancini for an area outside of Morristown, New Jersey. Reimagining what used to be headquarters for Honeywell, Columbia Park looks ahead to the future of the workplace and how people will interact within large office campuses.

Mancini’s plan consists of four high-performance office buildings arranged around a central amenity hub that acts as a clubhouse that contains a central plaza, dining and recreational facilities, including tennis and basketball courts. The glass office buildings rise to four floors and feature projections that expand the buildings beyond four walls, offering space on top for terraces and green roofs. Indoors, office layouts are fully customizable to tenants with an array of needs, from technology to laboratory to professional and financial services. Beyond the low-rise buildings are high-capacity parking garages that provide additional parking space for employees and visitors.