Bates Street Master Plan

Jersey City, New Jersey

The far west side of Jersey City is a mix of auto shops, parking lots, and single-family homes. With proximity to downtown Jersey City and Manhattan, the opportunity for housing is ripe in this growing district. Working with the owner of a site prime for growth, Mecca Development, Mancini master-planned a multi-building housing complex designed to invigorate the neighborhood in the Bates Street Development Area.

Bates Street Design

Mancini’s design for the project is focused on building community. Since there is nothing above three stories in the area, the project will completely alter the landscape. A mixed-media façade of brick and modular metal panels fit in contextually without creating a monolithic appearance. On the ground floor, ramps and promenades lead to retail entrances to engage the public – and since it’s a low-lying coastal area, entrances and ground-floor spaces are located above the 100-year floodplain.


The real wow-factor of the Bates Street project is found closer to the top. The amenity-rich nature of the design works in concert with Jersey City’s requirements for green roof space. Much of the rooftop space on each building is dedicated to creating mini-parks for the residents of each building, with some having private outdoor space. These large rooftop areas hold seating areas, gardens, covered and open spaces, and are adjacent to the development’s gym. Space for a pool area is also located within an elevated courtyard.

The residences themselves are targeted toward families and are primarily one and two bedrooms with a large square footage. So as not to break up the clean lines of the exterior design, we placed A/C units inside each apartment, which aligns with the PTAC, ductless, HVAC plans built-into the project.